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Boeing “797” News Released at Paris Air Show

Boeing has released that it plans to launch a new aircraft model dubbed by many as the “797”.

Boeing hopes to have the new airplane flying with airlines by 2025.

Plans are for the new aircraft model to serve markets in between the long range 787 and the short range 737. The airplane is planned to seat between 220 and 270 passengers in a twin aisle configuration with a range of up to 5,200 miles.

JetBlue Pilots Vote ALPA

JetBlue pilots overwhelmingly vote in ALPA as their CBA!  After twice rejecting bids to unionize in 2009 and 2011, JetBlue Airways pilots overwhelmingly agreed to be represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, the union said on Tuesday.  The Airlines Pilot Association said 71% of JetBlue’s 2,529 pilots voted to unionize.

ALPA said it would now focus on establishing representatives and negotiation committees and on working to negotiate the airline’s first collective bargaining agreement. It said JetBlue pilot members would immediately be entitled to ALPA’s medical advisers and insurance benefits.

Today, JetBlue pilots have voted for ALPA representation so that we have the ability to improve our professional careers,” said Captains Gustavo Rivera and Rocky Durham, co-chairmen of the JetBlue Organizing Committee.

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New AA Logo and Livery Revealed!

American Airlines revealed today their new logo and aircraft livery today.  Although very modern, it is quite a departure from the old logo.  The livery is also much more modern although some are critical of the new paint scheme, particularly the tail.

Here is American’s new logo and livery for you to review:

American's New Livery

AA New Logo

American Airlines and US Airways To Merge?

AA+USAirwaysIt appears that US Airways President Doug Parker has made a huge move towards acquiring American Airlines! Rather than negotiate with American Airlines CEO Tome Horton, US Airways went straight to the employees with their negotiations. Seems like a very smart move especially considering that the three major unions at American have seats on the unsecured creditors committee. Last Friday all three major unions at American announced their full support for a merger with US Airways. In addition the APA representing the pilot of American Airlines have agreed to the basic framework of contract terms for the combined carrier.

The APA reported to their pilots the terms of a six year contract. Should the merger go through as planned, American Airlines pilots will be among the most highly compensated of the Legacy Carriers and provide a large boost in pay for the US Airways pilots. Proposed pay for a narrow body Narrowbody Captain are as follows:

• Date of Signing Pay Rate: $172.44
• 3% annual increase for years 2-6

• Year 2: $177.61
• Year 3: $182.94
• Year 4: $188.43
• Year 5: $194.08
• Year 6: $199.90

• Parity with UAL/DAL average at the end of the contract if those companies average is higher than our pay rate

• F/O pay rate 68% of Captain rate.

We believe that a merger with American and US Airways will not only be a win-win for the pilots involved but for all pilots in the industry! There will no longer be a large spread in pay from one Legacy Carrier to the next. This should help the airlines to compete while also raising the bar for all future pilot contract negotiations at all airlines!

We invite you to please discuss the American Airlines and US Airways merger on our pilot forums.

Spirit Pilots Reach Deal with Management

spirit airTentative Agreement Ends Strike, Pilots to Receive Double-Digit Pay Increases

WASHINGTON – Spirit pilot negotiators, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), have reached a tentative agreement with their management. If ratified by the Spirit pilot group, the resulting new contract would include improvements in pay, benefits, and work rules that recognize and reward the pilots’ contributions to the company’s success.

“We’re pleased to have a tentative agreement that acknowledges the sacrifices each of us made to ensure the success of Spirit Airlines,” said Capt. Sean Creed, leader of the Spirit unit of ALPA. “This agreement provides increases in pay and retirement benefits, protects our work rules, and ensures our job security at Spirit. After four days on the picket line, this agreement also gets this pilot group and this airline back where it belongs—in the air.”

On Saturday, June 12, the pilots went on strike, forcing the company to cancel all flights and call a standstill to its operations. The pilots’ and management’s representatives reconvened on Tuesday, June 14, and met for 24 hours of intense negotiations facilitated by the National Mediation Board. After this effort, negotiators late Wednesday reached a tentative agreement that will allow the airline to restart flights as early as Friday, June 18. Specific terms of the agreement will be released to the members.

After four years of fruitless contract talks, the NMB released the two parties from mediated bargaining on May 12. This release triggered a 30-day cooling-off period that ended at 12:01 a.m. on June 12, after which time both the pilots and the company were free to engage in self-help, including a strike or lockout. After two extensions and a full-out effort to reach an agreement, the pilot leadership was forced to call a strike at 5:01 a.m. on June 12.

“Our leadership strongly believes that this is the fair and affordable agreement that our pilots asked for back in 2007 when we started negotiations with the company,” continued Creed. “Thanks to the efforts of our negotiators and the support of our international union, we were able to reach a fair and equitable agreement. I am proud not only of our negotiating team, but also of every single Spirit pilot who walked the line and refused to accept any agreement that did not treat us as valuable partners in Spirit’s continued success.”

ALPA, Spirit pilots’ 53,000-member-strong union, backed their negotiations every step of the way. Earlier this year, ALPA members gave Spirit pilots a $2 million grant from the association’s Major Contingency Fund to support their strike preparations. Over the past months and during the strike, many hundreds of ALPA pilots demonstrated unwavering solidarity with Spirit pilots by joining the picket line at the airports in Spirit domiciles in Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, and Atlantic City, and at LaGuardia Airport.

“Spirit pilots felt the unqualified support of their union during these negotiations, and our pilots stood strong and united against company demands for concessions in the face of extremely robust profits,” said Capt. John Prater, ALPA’s president. “The pilots know that their union will continue to stand behind them.”

The tentative agreement must be ratified by the entire Spirit pilot group. The Spirit pilots’ leaders will hold road shows to meet with their pilots in the coming weeks. The agreement is expected to be brought for a vote to the entire Spirit pilot group in July.

Founded in 1931, ALPA is the world’s largest pilot union, representing nearly 53,000 pilots at 38 airlines in the United States and Canada. Visit the ALPA website at

Alaska Airlines Pilots reach tentative agreement

alaskaAlaska Airlines and the union for its 1,500 pilots say they have a tentative agreement on a new four-year contract.

The Air Line Pilots Association is expected to announce results of a vote in the third week in May.

The contract has been in negotiation for more than two years. Terms were not announced Wednesday, but the union’s Bill Shivers says it meets goals of improving or protecting pay, job security, retirement and health benefits.

Tentative Agreement Pilot Pay Scale
Year Captains First Officers
12 $172.00 $115.60
11 $168.43 $113.08
10 $165.92 $111.60
9 $161.28 $108.29
8 $157.84 $105.97
7 $154.55 $104.10
6 $152.71 $102.26
5 $151.19 $99.67
4 $149.78 $93.26
3 $148.32 $84.92
2 $146.87 $71.75
1 $145.87 $45.54