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Pilatus PC-12 Pilot

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Base: Centenial Colorado
Denver Colorado, CO USA

Salary Range

Company Information
Bode Aviation

Company Profile
No profile information was provided.

May 25, 2017
BODE AVIATION (PC-12 Captain - Denver, Colorado)
7401 Atrisco Vista Blvd., NW Albuquerque, NM 87120
Fax: (505) 884-4531
Email: Jan.Olstad@flybode.com
Website: http://www.FlyBode.com
Fixed wing pilot (PIC) primarily Southwest U.S,, plan CONUS, will be based in Colorado. Part 135 and Part 91 flying,

Primary mission is early detection of Forest Fires. Denver area and Centennial (KAPA) airport based. We are staffing 2 planes 365 days a year. We are considering 7 on 7 off, but must be flexible to changing schedules due to changing mission scenarios. Mandatory availability period is 1 April - October 31. During mandatory availability time, pilots are required to be at the airport ready for immediate launch throughout the day. During the time outside of mandatory availability there will be 4 - 12 hour callback. No guarantee as to flight time. This is not a time building job. The position is salaried at $55-60K a year, depending on experience. Flight training will include recurrent PC-12 Sim school. Company flight training and checkride will be in the airplane. Employees are required to sign non compete agreements. Preference is given to pilots who have 25 hours experience in the PC12, it is desired to have 10 hours in the last 90 days. Personality trumps experience. We do not pay to relocate. Pay increase is based on performance and longevity.

Flight profile is mostly high altitude 19,000-28,000 feet MSL for sensor operations. Flights other than fire missions could also include Search and Rescue, resource reconnaissance, wild game surveys, snow surveys, personnel transportation. Primarily the flights will be single pilot however, there may be times it would be a two pilot crew.

Pilots will usually be home every night. When directed by Colorado Fire, the plane could be relocated to another airport within the state for a temporary period of time. When staying the night away from KAPA, hotel and expenses are covered by the company.

Job description: Positive, intelligent can-do attitude at all times. (Fly aircraft, follow procedures and accomplish missions while never compromising safety)


Must be able to climb, bend, stretch, and lift. Frequently lift up to 25 pounds and occasionally lift objects up to 50 pounds while loading the aircraft. Drug Free, we are on a DOT drug/alcohol program

You should be confident and skilled enough to SUCCESSFULLY fly an approach to minimums at night, in weather, in mountains by yourself but wise enough to know you don't want to.

Prefer applicants should have:
Maturity, Discipline, Commitment, Professionalism, Loyalty ATP ME or SE, 500 hours fixed wing turbine, Pressurized Endorsement, Part 135 experience, Mountainous terrain/Southwest US flying experience. We would like for you to be about a 30 min response time to the airport, BUT you don't have to live in the city of Denver.

We follow US Forest Service rules. If you do not have these times please let me know how close you are or if you have a plan to make it happen.
1500 total
100 last 12 months
1200 PIC
500 Cross Country
200 Lower level mountain
100 Night
50 instrument
75 insturment actual/simulated
25 make and model
10 make and model proceding 12 months
Commercial/Instrument rated
IFR minimums as stated in 14 CFR 135.243
No accidents or FAA violations, any 709 check rides
No DWI/DUI or felony convictions
US Citizen

Generally speaking you will be home every night

Jan (Yawn) Olstad
Phone: 505-884-4530
Fax: 505-884-4531

Posted On: 11/09/2017 at 04:00 AM
Expires On: 11/21/2017 at 11:09 AM
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