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Pilatus PC-12 / Cessna Grand Caravan - Captain

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Base: Merrill Field (PAMR)
Anchorage, AK USA

Salary Range

Company Information
Alaska Air Transit

Company Profile
No profile information was provided.

Alaska Air Transit is a Merrill Field, Anchorage based Part 135 turboprop air charter company, engaged in diverse and challenging flying throughout the state of Alaska. We provide a level of service you can be proud of, well equipped newer turboprop aircraft, and a very competitive compensation package.

Alaska Air Transit is a reputable company staffed by a small team of dedicated people, and managed by the same family owners since 2004. We operate the newest variant Pilatus PC-12 and Grand CaravanEX aircraft. Our culture embodies both a safety and customer service focus, which has allowed us to enjoy a very loyal individual and organizational customer base.

The Pilot in Command of either the Pilatus PC-12 or Grand CaravanEX is responsible for planning, preparation, and operation of assigned fights. Flight dispatch responsibilities are shared with a qualified Flight Coordinator, who also provides flight following support. Ramp agents assist the pilot with aircraft fueling and freight loading at home base. Pilots are responsible for off loading and any backhaul loading. Destinations are varied, ranging from nearby Interior and Prince William Sound airports, to the North Slope, Aleutians, and Southeast. Airports vary from short gravel strips of less than 2000 feet, to full IFR airports with long paved runways.

While this position is primarily a full-time flying job, interested pilots may be offered a collateral ground assignment, depending on their qualifications, experience, and desires.

Compensation: $80/ hour if qualified on single aircraft, $90 once qualified on second aircraft. Monthly guarantee. Benefits include a health plan and an 4% matching contribution 401(k).

Regular schedule, with 12 days off per month. Overtime pay for voluntary flying on days off. Infrequent RON trips. Pilots are averaging 750 to 950 hours per year.

Minimum requirements: 2000 hours PIC time, or military PIC. 500 hours turbine. Preference given for Alaska time, Pilatus PC-12 and/ or Caravan time, leadership experience, program management experience, college degree.

Competencies: single pilot IFR proficiency, flight discipline, glass cockpit experience helpful

Ratings required: ATP rating, or prior military pilot with Instrument & Commercial ratings

No contact information was provided.

Posted On: 05/08/2018 at 04:00 AM
Expires On: 05/20/2018 at 05:50 PM
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