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Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

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Flight Instructor

Greeley, CO USA

Salary Range
Not Provided

Company Information
Aims Community College

Company Profile
No profile information was provided.

Please apply to position at: http://jobs.aims.edu/postings/4276
For best consideration, please apply by May 31, 2019

Aims Community College at a Glance:
Aims Community College, locally governed, locally funded, is a debt-free and progressive community college with centralized administrative services located on the Greeley Campus, which supports three additional locations. Situated on the front range of the Colorado Rockies, serving over 8000 learners annually, Aims Community College prepares students for success in more than 200 degree and certificate programs. Our wonderful staff, faculty, and administration work as a team to ensure excellent service. This commitment was recognized by The Denver Post and Monster Jobs as the “Best Place to Work” in 2018!

Purpose: Build a Stronger Community
Vision: First Choice – The Recognized Leader in Learning and Student Success
Mission: Provide knowledge and skills to advance quality of life, economic vitality, and overall success of the diverse communities we serve.

2018-2023 Strategic Directions:
Empower Students to Succeed
Enhance Operational Performance
Enrich Northern Colorado Economic Development

Job Summary:

The Assistant Chief Flight Instructor will provide the stability and expertise necessary for consistent, high-quality, and safe flight instruction in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations, as well as performing other job duties essential to maintaining the program and its 14 CFR 141 certification; this includes performing the duties of the Chief Instructor in the absence of the Chief. Additionally, this position will provide the ability for the AFTC to execute a safety program enhancing both flight and ground safety at the AFTC under the guidance of the FAA, and allows for AFTC growth by providing consistent availability. The Assistant Chief Flight Instructor ensures the viability of the flight training program by providing Aims an FAA-approved Flight Instructor with the required qualifications to teach primary and advanced aviation students per the Aims FAR 14 CFR Part 141 certificate, and providing necessary safety and administrative duties for the Aims Flight Training Center (AFTC).

This person will be required to drive a company vehicle to tow airplanes, update sponsored social media and aviation department webpage, provide advising and informational input, perform classroom instruction as assigned, and check instructor duties as assigned. Additionally, this person will be required to participate in company related manual and training material creation and revision using typical office computer software and flight management software.

Duties, Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Serve in Chief Instructor’s stead as supervisor of flight instructors and flight training operations during Chief’s absence from the flight center;
May work weekends to provide full AFTC functions; Work directly with and assist the Chief Flight Instructor.

2. FAA Compliance Duties: Audit student records to ensure that all minimum flight times have been met, including all total time, solo time, cross-country, and night flight time; Conduct 12-month recurrent proficiency checks as required by the FAA; Review maintenance records, sign-off on aircraft “Return to Service”; Ensure compliance and records in accordance with parts 61, 141, and applicable FAA Advisory Circulars; Instructor Records and Instructor endorsements; Required 141 certificate records, 141 program improvements, 141 certificate renewals; Ground school quality control.

3. Certified Flight Instructor duties: Perform CFI responsibilities and duties; Provide one-on-one flight instruction to students in aircraft and flight training devices in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141, FAA-approved syllabi, and Aims Flight Operations Manual and other operational documents; Provide preflight briefings and post-flight debriefings; For training in aircraft, supervise students’ pre-flight aircraft inspection, make aircraft airworthiness decisions; Determine when student is ready for and authorize and supervise first solo flight, authorize via written log-book endorsement all student solo flights, supervise all levels of training; Evaluate and document students’ flight skills, judgment, and knowledge for each lesson and assign a grade for that lesson; calculate students’ final course grade based on department and college guidelines; Keep supervisor advised of students’ progress; Ensure that all training and flight activities are performed in a safe and secure manner per Federal Aviation Regulations; Provide ground and/or flight training to part-time flight instructors; Train new-hire instructors, including providing them with a review of and a briefing on the objectives and standards of each training course, and accomplishing an initial proficiency check in each make and model of aircraft in which the instructor will be giving training; Serve as a mentor to students, and instructors.

4. Check Airman duties: Designated by FAA as Check Instructor/ Assistant Chief Flight Instructor; Examine students through oral and flight tests to determine if they meet the standards set forth by the FAA; Oversee student assessment as outline in Aims academic guidelines; Create student endorsements; Evaluate student progress through stage checks for all flight courses as specified in the FAA-approved Training Course Outline (TCO); Conduct instructor proficiency checks under part 141.

5. Safety Program Manager duties: Creating, revising disseminating, and keeping current all safety program policies, procedures, and information; Managing and tracking the Safety Reporting System; Creating and implementing safety topics; Conducting Safety Meetings for all students and staff; Address Safety Reports and make safety recommendations to Aims regarding AFTC operation; Create occasional FAA WINGS pilot proficiency events; Conduct necessary safety investigations; Report safety findings to Chief Instructor and Aviation Director; Upkeep the Safety Board; Determine safety as it pertains to: aircraft airworthiness, safe weather conditions for student skill levels, student and instructor physiological condition for safe flight.

Other duties as assigned.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a part/full-time basis.

1. Current FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate Airplane Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Land
2. Meet recent pilot-in-command flight experience as per 14 CFR 61.56 © and 14 CFR 61.57 (a) and ©
3. Meet Assistant Chief qualifications as outlined in 14 CFR 141.36
4. Certified Flight Instructor – Airplane Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Land
5. Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument Airplane
6. 1,000 flight hours as pilot-in-command
7. 750 flight hours as flight instructor
8. 200 flight hours as an instrument flight instructor
9. 50 flight hours under actual or simulated instrument conditions
10. 2 years as a flight instructor
11. 1 year as a flight instructor of a 141 flight school or equivalent
12. 1 year of aviation safety program experience as a pilot or manager (14 CFR 121 or 135 SMS, industry safety management)
13. 6 months of ground instruction at a certified pilot school
14. Hold a current FAA First, Second, or Third class Medical

Amber Holcomb
Phone: 9703396247

Posted On: 05/20/2019 at 10:56 AM
Expires On: 06/19/2019 at 10:56 AM
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