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Phenom 100 PIC

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Base: KFOE
Topeka, KS, KS USA

Salary Range
75000 - 90000

Company Information
Vaerus Aviation, Inc.

Company Profile
No profile information was provided.

Job Title: Phenom 100 PIC
Department Name: Operations
Position Reports To: Director of Operations
Last Revised: 7-12-21

It’s tough to find a company that that respects employee’s civil liberties and freedom.

Like you, we believe in creating a work environment where people matter. We are driven and thrive in the ability to come through for our clients, and for our team-mates. We offer a work environment where you’re treated like a person, not an employee number.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your personal beliefs & values in order to achieve your fullest professional potential.

Business aviation is complex and can come with risks. Vaerus Aviation makes business aviation safe and simple for our clients.

Do you thrive in an engaging flight environment, where you aren’t constantly flying the same ILS, to the same big airport?
Are you regularly complimented for your communication skills?
Would your peers say you engage others in the decision making process?

Vaerus is seeking the right professional to join our Flight Operations department in fulfilling our purpose. People Matter, we exist to serve people. Our employees deserve our service and to be treated as though they matter; not just a cog in the wheel. Our clients own aircraft because of the people that matter to them, to be face to face, and to make memories with the people close to them.

Pilots are the foremost ambassadors to our clients, and the front line face of our com-pany. We are looking for pilots that can, not only be an expert at operating their air-craft, but also be an expert at taking care of the passengers they are flying.
Vaerus Aviation manages Phenom 100 aircraft operated exclusively under Part 91. To maintain healthy staffing for our flight operations we would like to employ an addi-tional pilot that will be qualified as PIC in the Phenom. Vaerus Aviation is a steadily growing aviation company with likely opportunities of advancement for employees that embody our values.

1. Ensures the safe and efficient conduct of assigned flights;
2. Directs the activities of the First Officer and ensures that flight crewmembers understand fully and completely what duties they are expected to perform;
3. Participates in the Safety Management System.

The following list represents the major tasks required of this position. Other duties may be assigned at the manager’s discretion when conditions demand.
1. Safe, and conservative operation of Aircraft
2. Customer service focus
3. Adherence to GOM and IS-BAO Accreditation Standards
4. Participation in and promotion of the Safety Management System, including evaluations of each flight leg and workplace hazard reporting
5. Availability based upon 24hr notice
6. 15-18 days per month of flight duty, multiple days per month at base completing non flight related duties
7. Ensures that the aircraft is airworthy and registered, and all required documenta-tion is onboard the aircraft;
Checks weather and all applicable NOTAMs where available, and determines fuel, oil, and oxygen requirements;
9. Completes an SMS evaluation prior to each flight or series of flights;
10. Determines the aircraft weight and balance;
Ensures databases are current;
Ensures EFBs are updated and adequately charged for the assigned flight;
13. Ensures that all Flight Planning requirements have been met;
14. Provides flightcrews with Flight Plan and weather information;
15. Performs a pre-departure briefing with all assigned crewmembers;
16. Ensures that aircraft crewmembers have valid certificates, Medical Certificates, passports and visas, when required;
Ensures that the flight will not be commenced if a crewmember is incapacitated from performing duties by any cause such as injury, sickness, fatigue, or the ef-fects of any psychoactive substance;
18. Ensures that the flight will not be continued beyond the nearest suitable airport when a crewmember’s capacity to perform functions is significantly reduced by impairment of faculties from causes such as fatigue, sickness, or lack of oxygen;
Confirms any nonstandard environmental rules and procedures at the intended departure and destination airports;
20. Completes an aircraft preflight inspection before each departure; Provides the Passenger Safety Briefing to the passengers;
21. Operates the aircraft per manufacturer Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and checklists, and within aircraft limitations;
Continually monitors the amount of usable fuel to ensure a safe landing with ap-propriate fuel reserves and communicates with ATC during abnormal situations;
23. Ensures compliance with customs, immigration and cabotage laws;
Completes all postflight duties, including notifying the company of deviations to any planned itinerary, schedule, or overnight location;
Records flight times and aircraft defects;
Reports all known or suspected FAA violations or incidents to the Chief Pilot and/or Vice President / Director of Operations as soon as practical;
Reports any act of unlawful interference to the FAA or State (Mandatory Occur-rence Report), as appropriate, and to the designated local authority;
As soon as possible, reports to the appropriate ATC facility any hazardous weath-er or flight conditions encountered that are likely to affect the safety of other air-craft;
In the event of an accident / incident, preserves flight and cockpit voice recorder data;
30. Notifies the appropriate authority, by the quickest available means, of any acci-dent involving the aircraft (except where the Captain is incapacitated, when it will become the responsibility of the President or senior flight crewmember);
Assumes any duties delegated by the Chief Pilot.
32. Various administrative duties
33. Cleanliness of Aircraft and Hangar

1. Holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate with Multi-Engine Rating and is type rated in the appropriate aircraft in which the pilot is to act as Captain;
2. Possesses a Second Class FAA Medical Certificate or higher.
3. Second Class Medical or Higher
4. Excellent communication skills – communication is our #1 safety tool.
5. Willingness to relocate to the Topeka KS area.
6. The heart of a servant
7. Understanding of MS Office and iOS applications, with willingness to learn new systems
8. Self Motivated with attention to detail and drive for excellence
9. Willingness to sign a training agreement
Next Steps:
This is a salaried position with potential for advancement. Vaerus Aviation offers full Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas health and dental benefits, 401K with employer matching, paid vacation, and cell phone allowance.
Candidates who are interested in this position should take the following steps:
1. Email cover letter, resume, and references to careers@vaerusaviation.com

Phone: 7852465403

Posted On: 12/27/2021 at 04:00 AM
Expires On: 01/08/2022 at 10:54 PM
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