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Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics

Why Aviation Maintenance at PIA?

PIA's Aviation Maintenance Technology Degree Program is renowned in the industry as one of the most reputable skilled aviation maintenance programs in the nation. Aviation Maintenance Technicians are the professionals who inspect, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair the engines, structure, and onboard systems of all types of aircraft.

Hands on Training
  • Turbine Engines
  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Metallic Structures
  • Ignitions Systems
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Welding
  • Composite materials & much more!

Where Do You Want To Be In Two Years?

Whatever field you choose, a specialized degree from an accredited institution helps you build a career that's right for you. So why should you make Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics your career launching pad?

Financial Assistance

Don't let high education costs keep you from launching an exciting career in an in-demand industry. PIA can assist with Financial Aid (which may be available for those who qualify), Veteran's benefits, and is a Pittsburgh Promise program participant.

U.S. Military Veterans Benefits*

PIA is approved to offer VA benefits to U.S. military veterans (for those who qualify).

Choose Your Own Path

As a Non-Profit, ACCSC-accredited career school, PIA offers courses and degree programs in specialized technology that lead to skills transferable to a multitude of industries and careers. Want to fix or maintain aircraft? Like the idea of troubleshooting a communications panel? Want to learn turbine or powerplant technology to enter the Energy industry? You determine your career path and tailor the curriculum to suit your needs.

Finish School Fast

Don't waste time with your career taking courses irrelevant to your career path, or four years of unfocused, general education. PIA grads can hit the job market as qualified FCC-licensed, and FAA certification-prepared candidates in 21 months or less.

Multiple Locations

PIA currently offers real world, hands-on career training facilities at four campuses: Pittsburgh, Hagerstown, Youngstown, and Myrtle Beach. Choose the location and program options right for you.

Support Services

PIA has helped place 87% of our Aviation Technology graduates in $37,023 (avg. staring salary) positions across the country.* PIA supports our students and graduates with dedicated, qualified staff in the following service departments:

- Student Housing Assistance
- Financial Aid (for those who qualify)
- Continuing Graduate Placement Assistance
- Part-time Job Assistance
- Free Tutoring
- Credit for Comparable Education and Training (at PIA's discretion)

Contact Us Today to Get Started!

Please complete the information on the form on this page and a PIA representative will assist you as soon as possible.

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