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Have you submitted your last pilot interview experience with us?  What are you waiting for?  Help your fellow pilots by sharing your experience today!  Not enough incentive to share your experience?  How about a chance to win a new iPad mini?

Submit your pilot interview experience today and possibly win a new iPad mini!

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One thought on “Submit an Interview, Win an iPad!”

  1. Former military pilot w/ 3,500 hrs/ CFI

    I have interviewed for Express Jets and GoJets and was offered a job from both companies. Both companies sent reps that were very friendly and on your side in regards to the job opportunity and interview experience.

    The GoJets interview was at a local Orlando hotel and was a sit down intereview only that lasted about 20 minutes and included company information and opportunity. They went through the application package and log books and received the job offer within a couple days.

    ExpressJets was a more thorough interview/application process that included a 60 question test (Delta prep-ware gouge will get you a passing score easily). It also included a memory/hand and eye coordination test that was simple and just a matter of following the directions and reading the questions thoroughly. Then there was a personality test that you can’t study for but really easy. This was followed by a brief essay question that you had the whole lunch hour (off or on campus) to answer. It ended with a short person to person interview that was very laid back and more about checking the boxes on the interview sheet and going through log books.

    Good Luck!

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