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Ask the Counselor

talk_iconWFFF in cooperation with Aviation Interview Prep LLC is happy to offer a new free service to our visitors! We have started a new section in our pilot forums called “Ask the Counselor.”

Ask the Counselor” is your resource for all of your interview questions. We hope that our visitors make full use of this new forum to ask the experts questions about pilot interviews and how to advance their career. Your questions to the “The Counselor” will be answered by one of Aviation Interview Prep LLC’s team members. With this new service available to you, we look forward to helping your career take flight!

Interview Day Tips to Make You Stand Out!


Our mission at Aviation Interview Prep Services Llc., is to coach you through the actual interview, however, there some things you can do prior to the interview to help put your best foot forward.  Getting yourself in the right frame of mind will give you a leg up on the competition.

First, it is critical that you do as much research on your prospective company as possible.  Use the web to obtain as much information as possible.  Start by reviewing the company’s website, but also search other industry or financial sites to get additional information on the company.  This will help you guage how the company is doing but more importantly it will give you perspective on the company from outside sources.  After sorting all this information, you should have a firm grasp of the health of the company, and where the company is headed.  You can also use the different analyst reports to come up with some good questions for the end of the interview.  It is very customary for companies to give you the chance to ask questions.  Don’t take this step lightly- it’s an essential part of the interview.  By asking key questions, you communicate to the prospective company that you have done your homework and that you are serious about them as a possibly future employer. Continue reading Interview Day Tips to Make You Stand Out!

Do Check Ride Problems equal Interview Problems?

Discussing failed check rides on the application and during the interview.

We receive many calls from pilot applicants regarding failed check rides.  Let me first preface this article by saying that failing a check ride is not the end of your job search!  Yes, failed check rides will be a topic of discussion for the interviewers, but it does not necessarily mean that you will be removed from the interviewing pool or denied a job.   However, as with any hiccup in your background, proper presentation of the information both in written and verbal format is imperative.

Before you even begin to fill out any application you should review your logbooks and contact the FAA in Oklahoma City to request your COMPLETE AIRMAN’S FILE.  This file contains all of your FAA medical and check ride history since the beginning of your flying career.  Once you have received your airman’s file, take some time to review it thoroughly, re-acquainted yourself with your past performances and research any discrepancies.  After you have completed this task you are ready to apply this information to your applications. Continue reading Do Check Ride Problems equal Interview Problems?

Recommendations: Always Good Idea?

recommendationOver the course of the last several weeks I’ve had three clients who have come to me with differing problems in the same area: recommendations.

My definition of a recommendation covers everything from a short letter of praise written by past/current employer or coworker, to a pilot-acquaintance who offers to walk your resume in to his company, to the person who puts his or her reputation on the line by vouching for your professional and personal background. Continue reading Recommendations: Always Good Idea?

Q&A: What are some of the most damaging interview mistakes pilots make?

interview1Question: What are some of the most damaging interview mistakes pilots make?

Answer: A very popular question! And, recent dilemmas faced by Cage Consulting clients highlight two important facts that a pilot must face in order to eliminate two of the most damaging interview mistakes.

FACT # 1
The decision to not provide requested information on employment applications will follow the pilot throughout his or her career. Continue reading Q&A: What are some of the most damaging interview mistakes pilots make?