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Omni Air Intl. Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: November 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP Part 121 regional, 8500hrs, 7000 PIC, 6600 turbine PIC, checkairman
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Submitted resume to Omni's address on file. I had no in-house recommendations. Received call 2 weeks later from B757 fleet manager to interview. He'll email you what do bring (certs, passport, FCC, updated resume, driver license, etc.) and when to arrive at hdq in Tulsa, OK. Interview conducted at Omni hdq in Tulsa, OK. Transportation to/from Tulsa is at your own expense, however Omni will pay for accomodations at Radisson Airport the night prior to interview. Crew discount offered for meals at Radisson (NW and DL stay there). Transportation provided by hotel to hdq. Was told previously by Omni to arrive a little after 0900 to complete some app paperwork, but Omni opens around 0800, so if you get there around 0845 you'll have more time to complete the app and not feel rushed. One other interviewee was there. App is typical work history, residence history, references. After app, was brought to a conference room to watch a short video about Omni. Good company, Part 121, slow/stable growth, with a diverse int'l operation using DC10 and 757. Home-based for pilots. Returned to lobby to wait for first interview. HR mgr did the first interiew. Questions included: why omni?; will you use us as a stepping stone?; what would a fellow pilot that you may have had problems with say about you?; tell me about a time you had to fail someone (I had been a checkairman); What three questions would you ask me?. Very friendly and relaxed. If you accidently mentioned a technical term, she would be genuinely interested about it so she understood it. Next interview was with the fleet manager. Very relaxed and was more aimed at explaining to you the "bad" parts of the company (e.g. fireable offenses, 2 to (but rarely) 3 weeks away from home, etc.) He mentions the bad parts just so you know what is involved with the company. Afterwords, sim check done on an advanced table-top type sim/FTD that was configured for a DC9. Took off LAX, intercepted inbnd radial, held, steep turns, vectors for ILS, landed. After sim, took a basic 20 question written test (ATP type). After sim, was offered a 757 position and then was taken to lunch at Omni's expense. After lunch, fingerprinting and drug-testing finshed. They paid for a cab to get to the drug test clinic and then out to the aiport. Done by 1600 to commute out.

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