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Seaport Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: March 2012
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial/ Instrument/Multi/Single/CFI/CFII 1300 Total 500 ME
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
The Interview was three sessions in one: First was a One on One with the CEO. He asks a lot of questions to get to know you, who you are, and what you bring to the table. Very Fair questions, but think before you answer. Be honest, and be yourself. It was a enjoyable session. (Know something about Seaport Airlines.)
Second was a desktop simulator flying event. Take off, fly a heading and climb to assigned altitude, climb again, level off, do steep turns, be prepared to fly the assigned approach from the profile provided to you prior to take off. Use appropriate communications skills and radio calls.

Third and final is a 50 question test of your Knowledge on the AIM and mostly IFR procedures. Brush up on part 91, and part 135.

Will be flying PC-12 and C-208. To be Based in Memmphis.
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