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Envoy Air Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: October 2023
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial ASEL/AMEL
- Instrument Airplane
- Flight Instructor ASEL
- FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
- Complex Endorsement
- First Class Medical
- Instrument Airplane
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
I did all of my processes through the online application service, on the Airline apps. after meeting all of the requirements and hours of flight.
Date Interviewed: February 2018
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, part 91
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
You go to one room to sign in and then get put in another room where they collect all of your paperwork and logbooks. A captain comes in and tells you about how great he is and how Envoy is an okay company to work for since they are owned by AAG and you get to go to American in maybe 6 years. He also informs you how they have way too many FO’s. and not near enough captains. He discusses the pay scale and travel benefits.

After this you they call you back for either Your HR or your technical interview.
The HR is very basic (tells about yourself, your weaknesses, etc.) 15 -20 minutes.

Technical Interview, know your Jepp Charts, know your Jepp charts, know your Jepp Charts!!! For some reason they are obsessed with the 1-2-3 rule and knowing when you need to file an alternate. Know your oxygen requirements. Know 8 hours bottle to throttle and BAL is 0.04.

If you are successful they will take your fingerprints and do a drug test. This can take forever. They only have one person collecting the samples and it takes 20 minutes per person.
Date Interviewed: October 2017
Summary of Qualifications: AAS, CPL with INST and multi, CFI-A
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Arrive before 8am and wait.
Sign in when they happen to bring in a sheet.
Move from one waiting room to another.
Gather and turn in any /all paperwork.
Get briefed over how awesome the company is.
(Make sure to ask questions or you may miss omitted info.)
Begin interviews. There are 3 one on ones; HR, Tech and offer.
(HR and tech can be in any order.)
HR: generic questions about work and living history. They are most interested in how you handle anything bad like failing a check ride. No sweat.
Wait some more.
Tech: there are ~40 topics they can inquire on. Know the Jeep charts front, back and inside out. Talked about wx, sids, stars, odp’s, approach plates, high enrout charts, 91.175, O2 requirements, alternates, alcohol and possibly more. It was a lot like a lighting round style instrument oral. 30min tops.
Back to waiting.
If everything goes well you’ll be asked to gather your things and be taken to another room where you’ll be offered a conditional offer, finger printed and drug tested.
If things go bad you’ll be taken to a room with nothing in it and told that you didn make it, but not why.
Date Interviewed: November 2016
Summary of Qualifications: S-70,Helicopter CFII,ASEL
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Envoy Airlines accepted my application for the Rotory Wing Transition Program. Everything was straight forward without any surprises. They paid for my flight to Dallas, and hotel stay at La Quinta. The hotel was very nice and knew about your requirement for a shuttle to the interview in the morning. Bus leaves at 7am so make sure that you get up in time to get breakfast and catch the shuttle with the other interviewees. It was a total of 8 of us and I was the only helicopter guy. When you show up they put you in a room, collect all your required documents, logbooks and copies, and then give you a very good informative brief. The FW guys, did HR and Tech interviews. They all seemed to agree that the interview was very professional and laid back, but thorough. That was my experience as well. I only had to do the HR interview, which was mostly, tell me about yourself, and why work for Envoy. We went over my paperwork and that was it. We had a very good lunch that we ordered off of their menu in the morning and waited until we were called in with a job offer. Once you were fingerprinted and signed the paperwork you were on an Über heading back to the airport to catch your flight home. By the time I left only 3 of us had been given a job offer, and 2 were sent home. Leaving 3 that I don't know if they were accepted or not, but I'm sure that they were since they were pretty sharp and professional individuals. Of note; show up in a suit and tie, respect the interview process, and be professional.
Date Interviewed: October 2016
Summary of Qualifications: 1000 Total time. 500 Multi CMEL,CSEL,CFI, CFII, MEI
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
First thing is to make sure and stay on top of recruiting as far as getting emails and information you need for the interview. They are busy right now interviewing 13 everyday. The hardest part of the process is the paperwork before hand. It takes time to get the documents in order. Make sure it is professional and tidy. The day of the interview starts at 0800 sharp. They will take you to a holding room and take all of your documents. They then gave a brief of the company and where they are headed. After that is all done, they started calling applicants back one by one. There is no specific order but you will do an HR and a Tech interview. They don't do a Sim evaluation anymore. HR is just like everyone talks about on here. Why us? What's a weakness of yours? Etc...The tech interview is a little more in depth but still covers basic IFR Knowledge. Know ARROW, Alternate T/O minimums, Speeds in different airspaces, RVR, METAR, TAF, What V1 means, What V2 means, how to read Jepp everything. They start picking things out on the airport diagram, enroute chart, SID, STAR, Approach plates. Know how to find information on these charts. When can you continue an approach if the weather falls below minimums? When can you descend below minimums (91.175). They have a big checklist of items they have to ask you but nothing too in depth. After you complete all the interviews they will pull people one by one and tell them if they made it or not so they won't embarrass anyone. We had two or three that day not make it. Mostly it was paperwork related and one was lack of knowledge. If you get the offer you will be fingerprinted, sign driving record and told it will take a week and they will call you to set up a class date.
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