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Resume Creation Service

* NOTE: The resume service is NOT required to use our pilot job board! It is an additional service to for those needing a new resume or to update their current resume.

Need help getting your resume put together? 

You've come the right place!

WFFF is committed to helping pilots attain their personal and professional goals.  This preparation begins with a well prepared Resume. 

We understand the importance of making a great first impression to any potential employer.  Many times this first impression is made solely by your cover letter and resume.  Trying to figure out what information is relevant and deciding how to format your history can be an overwhelming and sometimes stressful task.  We minimize your stress by writing and formatting your resume for you which allows you more time to focus on your job search.

Whatever your professional situation (flight instructor, corporate, airline, management, retiring military, etc.) we will design a resume that is appropriate for the industry AND tailored to fit your specific situation. 

Getting started is as easy as ever.  Simply fill out the information below and hit the SUBMIT button.  If you have entered information into our pilot database its even easier as you will find most required information pre-filled. Our consultants will review your submission, contact you via phone or e-mail to confirm and discuss your specific needs.

Payment is required in advance. All major credit cards are accepted.

Services provided for a fee of $125.00.

Darkened fields are required.

General Information

Flight Times Student time and dual given should be listed separately.

Employment History Please list your employment history in descending order, that is, start by listing your most recent employer.
Each field should contain your employer's name and address as well as your dates of employment, job title, and duties.


Education History


Flight Ratings & Training




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