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Feeling a bit anxious lately? Worrying about everything from the light bill to world peace? Waking up at 3am with the worry dragons breathing down your neck?

Allow me to begin by stating the obvious: the past 18 months have been an unprecedented time of anxiety for the majority of Americans. Between job losses, national security and business scandals it can all add up to feeling as though you have lost control of your destiny.

But, hold the phone for good news! During my years of consulting with individuals facing job adversity (company bankruptcy, termination, health issues) I have identified four specific steps that can help you prioritize your worries and regain control of your outlook and, ultimately, regain control of your destiny.

Big results can come from a little focused effort. Although these suggestions are not earth shattering, they can make the difference between fighting the 3am dragons on a nightly basis or slaying them and actually getting a good night’s sleep. Let’s begin.

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Do Check Ride Problems equal Interview Problems?

Discussing failed check rides on the application and during the interview.

We receive many calls from pilot applicants regarding failed check rides.  Let me first preface this article by saying that failing a check ride is not the end of your job search!  Yes, failed check rides will be a topic of discussion for the interviewers, but it does not necessarily mean that you will be removed from the interviewing pool or denied a job.   However, as with any hiccup in your background, proper presentation of the information both in written and verbal format is imperative.

Before you even begin to fill out any application you should review your logbooks and contact the FAA in Oklahoma City to request your COMPLETE AIRMAN’S FILE.  This file contains all of your FAA medical and check ride history since the beginning of your flying career.  Once you have received your airman’s file, take some time to review it thoroughly, re-acquainted yourself with your past performances and research any discrepancies.  After you have completed this task you are ready to apply this information to your applications. Continue reading Do Check Ride Problems equal Interview Problems?

Recommendations: Always Good Idea?

recommendationOver the course of the last several weeks I’ve had three clients who have come to me with differing problems in the same area: recommendations.

My definition of a recommendation covers everything from a short letter of praise written by past/current employer or coworker, to a pilot-acquaintance who offers to walk your resume in to his company, to the person who puts his or her reputation on the line by vouching for your professional and personal background. Continue reading Recommendations: Always Good Idea?

Flight Time Presentation

I am in the process of filling out airline applications.  I’m not sure about how to list PIC time, as the PIC time in my logbook is different than what will be listed on the application.  Do I need to make changes in my logbook to have my times listed exactly as the application wants it?

There is nothing worse than having an Interviewer look at your logbooks and say, “WHY did you list your time THIS way?” Continue reading Flight Time Presentation

The ‘Professional’ in Professional Pilot

professionalpilotThe word ‘professional’ when attached to the word ‘pilot’ means much more than just flight ratings and number of hours at the controls.  In my 18 years of providing career advice to professional pilots I have learned a great deal about how non-technical characteristics can help you rise to the top of the applicant pool…and ultimately allow you to achieve your highest career goals.

1. Preparedness

How well you prepared while gaining your flight ratings will be closely reviewed.  Your goal is to show your preparedness by scoring well on written tests and passing your checkrides on the first try. You can increase your chances of reaching these goals by following a few simple rules: Continue reading The ‘Professional’ in Professional Pilot

Q&A: What are some of the most damaging interview mistakes pilots make?

interview1Question: What are some of the most damaging interview mistakes pilots make?

Answer: A very popular question! And, recent dilemmas faced by Cage Consulting clients highlight two important facts that a pilot must face in order to eliminate two of the most damaging interview mistakes.

FACT # 1
The decision to not provide requested information on employment applications will follow the pilot throughout his or her career. Continue reading Q&A: What are some of the most damaging interview mistakes pilots make?